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I’m going to to show pieces of art that I have done before this year (this includes pixel art that I have gotten into recently). I would like to see others arts, so I can get inspiration. I’m not the best artist, but I can always improve. I really love seeing other people’s art and I like that they have put so much effort into their piece of art. :smiley: :wink:


This is a cool idea, but all art goes in the Drawing Topic. Please SBYP!


How about moving this to the Drawing topic?


yeh change the topic. good topic ide tho.


We’ll delete all our posts, and you can recycle.


You are that girl from MineCraft that asked about forms to a girl called SILLY_CANDYPOP and she said yeah and you could use her username. PHEW! I almost passed out. Oh I know SILLY_CANDYPOP (in minecraft) IRL and she told me. Did I get the story right?


You said you know SILLY_CANDYPOP IRL? Can you do me a very important favor.

Please respond


You said you know SILLY_CANDYPOP IRL? Can you do me a very important favor.

Please respond

Also I apologize if you get this twice.


Hello @SillyCandyPop,

This is just the kind of thing that should go on either the drawing topic, a GT, or a project posting topic like @Stal98’s topic game testers. Please help keep this forum uncluttered and healthy.


yaas srry inactivity school ugh


I need you to tell her my username and tell her to go on her, “diary,” and tell her I said I’ve missed you and the others for so long and I’ve been searching the whole internet for them


Tell me what she says


Wait, um well Sillycandypop is the username of a person in minecraft. Somebody asked for permission and yeah. So the really real CANDYPOP is my friend and yeah. I could tell the real to talk to the other if u want. I am so sorry if this was too confusing.:disappointed_relieved:


No I meant the Silly_Candypop from Minecraft me, her, her mom, (aka Demon_Flame_Wolf,) and others were friends. Genos_XxX is my cousin.

So yeah I meant the other Silly_Candypop from minecraft

Silly_Candypop as in Grace who I’m convinced lives in Australia, right. If so then yeah I meant her. If not than nvm.


Oh okay I’ll tell u on Monday cuz it’s da weekend.


Thanks, and cheers to the weekend right


she says hi! we’re in class and i showed her and she reconizes u. she said hi.


Thanks, i be been searching litteraly everywhere. Also, ask her if she’s found anyone else


She’s here next tah meh. I’m at her house


Oh, my goodness the irony. I have been doing to much research for my own good, and it finally paid off.

Thank you!


She’s relieved she found someone familiar