Mix it up Polls! Featured & Game Changers (Warning: Rant and sophisticated conversation)



Ok, so people are gonna be like
Wow, another rant about how the same people get on featured, or
Well, maybe we should change up Game Changers as well as Featured.
Kaelidocosmos has been top on Game Changers for, idk, 2-3 months?
It's a great project and all, but maybe we should add super cool projects to take the spotlight once a month?
Or how about this:
The Hopscotch Team sets up a poll with different projects, projects they think are really cool/ awesome, maybe in a new poll tab? And hopscotchers vote every week for 3 new featured projects,
and every month, hopscotchers vote on a Game Changers!
this ensures that the same people won't be on featured or Game Changers all the time, since we, the hopscotchers, can vote for any projects we think are amazing!
Pls tell me what you think!


I love this idea, and it does bother me a but that the same people are in game changers forever, and it's only featured projectors basically.


I've been wanting a poll tab in hopscotch for a LOOOOONGG
time because not everybody can email THT about projects they like!


Well, this is a good idea, but it'll probably turn out to be (as @PopTart0219 said) the same featured people, I think there will be a lot of MagmaPOP in it, considering everyone likes him


But here's the thing:
People who are tired of seeing the same people will vote on other people
I see where you coming from though, sometimes I get tired of all the fan mail MagmaPOP gets from featured and game changers,


Good idea! Most of the projects in game chargers have been there for very long


also: I propose having new tabs like
The Poll Tab
Contest Tab
Collab Tab (see my collab tab topic)


Yes! I'm doing a collab with OceanFlow:whale:, and a collab tab would be good for other collabs too!


Also, When voting for featured, not adding "glorified" hopscotchers to the polls all the time would help too!


Yeah that would help too since most glorified hopscotchers have been in featured lots!


Well not all of us. ToasterRebellion has been featured 15 times in 10 months which is too many. In my op inton


She has? Whoa. That sounds like the most anybody's been featured ever



Bessts photo for this purpose


Isn't that more than Funky 63's features?
That's a little out of whack :grimacing:


No, I believe funky's been featured over 30 times, maybe even 50!


That seems a little too much, even though he's a really good coder!
These little facts make the poll idea a lot better than just ThT featuring projects


Also, @KiwiCute2015 , thanks for spammi ng my activity with likes on my posts :laughing:


Hmm.. @OrangeScent1 this sounds like a pretty good idea!
Only issue is, and I know this has been brought up before:
What if the only hopscotchers in the polls are the ones that most often get featured?
Also, good ideas for tabs!


Well, I guess we can try emails?
Idk, this is sort of just a blueprint for the idea, not the full one.
Good point, though!