Misuse of Projects



Recently, I have been looking through the Remixes of my Projects tab just out of curiosity and my draw-pad is being misused! I published a project about it and gave it a couple days, but when I came back the problem still exists and the same people are doing it. I would really like people to STOP using my Dragon-Pad for popularity contests, roleplaying, and life updates. The point of a draw-pad is to DRAW, not to talk!


YOU ARE SO DARN RIGHT @DragonLover975! Hopscotch is for making projects that have CODE, you have to put in code unless you are just anoucing something.


Whenever I announce something I put in code. For example, my HHC15 announcement had a pumpkin as a background and my Delayed Lottery project had a smooth background. Please use Hopscotch and its projects for what they are supposed to be used for!


Sorry to have to bring this up again but it is STILL HAPPENING and I would like my Dragon-Pad to NOT be used for roleplaying.