Misuse of personal messages


Okay, I am personally disappointed. So-

Admins can view all personal messages/PMs on a Discourse forum.

The short version:

  • Group owners are being removed and request memberships turned off, as people have been using this to create PMs.
  • Old PMs are in the process of being closed.
  • They are not all closed yet. But if you continue to create PMs or post in PMs, an admin can see this.

People have exploited this so much. I’m just angry, that’s all. I don’t like how much this has been exploited, and some of the things people have said assuming that THT can’t see this.

There was an earlier incident like this in 2017, where things were said about Liza, who was my mentor. I was angry about that too for a while.

I’ve reported this to Ana. I’m not going to hold judgement against any of you though.

I understand moderators and leaders haven’t always been around to uphold rules and it seems like anything goes, and sometimes you want to chill with friends. I understand you might feel embarrassed for being found out, or critical about the forum.

I’m not perfect either. We all make mistakes.

The one main thing is the risk of online safety. If there was someone of malicious intent who came and joined here, it’s possible they could persuade/lure someone off onto another site, and it’s quite possible you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart or tell they were dangerous, if they were cautious enough. (This is a real and possible danger, makes me feel sick thinking about it.)

so THT may decide if suspensions are appropriate, particularly if personal information was exchanged or ways to contact outside the forum.

Anyway thanks for listening. I’m sorry if that was a bit hard to take in.


I actually didn’t know we have private messages and thanks for noticing us!


@DestineViolet Discourse feature disabled

@t1_hopscotch I didn’t know that there was a way for that to happen! THT has clearly implied that PMs are not for our use and enjoyment. As much as I wish to sometimes have them, it makes sense to why they are disabled. I have tried to test a few things just to see but not to ever use. I wish that people could see the reasoning behind this and I hope that nobody gets unfairly suspended


Thank you for clearing this up. PMs and discussions in them are not allowed, so a topic like this was really needed.


Okay, I’m really really sorry to make anyone feel guilty. I edited my original post when I got back home. Though I understand you might feel guilty, it’s ok. I felt relieved for trying to express my anger safely, but guilty too after writing my post because I felt like I was yelling at people.

Look, this isn’t the first time privileges have been abused here.

  • moderator privileges
  • data export messages being exploited
  • request membership being exploited

None of them are particularly serious, aside the safety risk I mentioned for the last two.

Maybe the general policy of 13+ for a forum is really worth it?

Anyway, rather than recommending suspensions, how would you feel if we just removed all groups except for major public groups like OMTL, PMTL and CodeHelp? And all old PMs are closed.

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Honestly, I think that’s for the best.

There really isn’t a time where it would be too difficult to tag however many people are in a group normally.

I think that all groups with less than, say, 20 people should be removed.


Please do not remove the HAB and HABleadersPlus group!


In that case ima type up the people who were in each group (without actually tagging them) so the owners of the groups can just use a regular tag list and don’t forget who was in the group.
anyone want to help? i already did FearlessFriends, and Dylan329List and am going to do healdiary later but I gtg in 3 minutes so

Groups are here, I’ll be adding more


Wow thanks for doing that , tankt!!


Will the Constructive Criticism Team be deleted?
Or can pomtl be used for it?


Are you back as a moderator?


I think that that one should stay (not being biased or anything). It does good for the community and I’m sure that other groups have too. We helped alert THT on things like racial discrimination, bullying, things like that.


huh, i wonder how the data exports were explotied

unlisted #16

closed #17

archived #19