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The first thing you pointed out is weird, but the second, to me seems logical.


Yeah, the second is definitely logical, I’m just pointing out that it could be helpful. There wasn’t a ‘Flip Vertically’ block before. (Or equivalent.)


Ahhh!! The spamliking got intense just now.




Which part of could have possibly been @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE, whoever they are.






Are scenes being added

Is it finally January 2017

Scenes are very useful, I have used them before.

I made some how to publish thing which used them, and my Halloween game thing had two scenes, one for the game and one for the thumbnail.


What does ‘Redirect’ mean? And how do you create new ones? And how do you make certain objects appear when it is a certain scene?


Redirect? I’m assuming @Awesome_E uses it to redirect to a certain scene.

In the Hopscotch json, near the top is an array called scenes. In it are objects which have the name and a list of objects. To create a new one, put an object without any objects. (I’ll give screenshots tomorrow, that was confusing)

To edit it, make sure it is first.

Each scene is almost like a separate project, when game starts is when the scene is opened. To edit it, just edit it like normal.

I’ll make a whole thing tomorrow.

Petrichor I (Am)

Thanks… I think. I’m really confused now.


Also, I don’t have access to the JSON. At least, I don’t think so.


I’ll make a thing how to access the json in a minute, I just used a random one I got from searching .hopscotch on my computer.

I use jsoneditoronline.org for this.

The first thing to do is locate the scenes array. It’s either near the top or near the bottom of the json. In my example, it’s near the bottom.
You can see that it only has one scene, let’s add another called Scene 2, because the default is Scene 1.

On the website, select the little square button to the side, then select duplicate. Now we have two identical objects inside the scene array. Each object represents a single scene. Let’s rename the new scene from scene 1 to scene 2. Open the second object (or first, they’re identical) and find the name. Change this to scene 2, or whatever name you want.

Now we want this to be an empty scene, so delete the objects array by going to the same menu as duplicate, then clicking remove. Go into the square menu again on the name, and use append. Select an array. Make it look identical to the old one, but don’t add anything to it.
If you want to edit this scene in the Hopscotch app, make sure it is listed first.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have any objects in the scene that’s being edited, closing the draft will delete it. Make sure to add at least one object from the app.

Hope this helps.


Open iTunes on a computer, then plug in your ithingy. You should see, near the top left corner, a little button appear.
Click that, and on the left you will see a menu.
Click file sharing.

In the middle of the screen you’ll see a list of apps. Click Hopscotch and wait for it to load.
Drag the json_projects folder to a place to keep it on your computer. This is the json for all your drafts that you have downloaded.


Does this mean that the two scenes that I got from AwesomeE’s project were ones that he made and not ones that are pre-made? @Petrichor


maybe… did you use my link to secret blocks method

The “Redirect” was originally supposed to crash HS but it didn’t work and redirecting to that scene works just fine – you can also make a Workflow / Siri Shortcut to copy the JSON of a particular file


I need to be on HS more



is that when you first found Change Scene or did you mean 2019?


Yes, only one is automatically made.

I first found change scene in summer/fall 2016, we were told scenes would be added for subscribers in January 2017.


I am officially confused.