Mission Impossible’s General Topic!



My General Topic! So… yeah. Any interesting projects?


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Ohh… Whoops. I’ll delete it.


No please don’t it is fine I made a jokke my bad


Ha-Ha? :grinning: (Nah, it’s fine.)


Hoi mate how ya doin’ on dis fine day?


Ummm… Good? I dunno.


Well that’s great!


Who wants to test out my latest game? I reckon it’s pretty good, but it may be a tad complicated. Here’s the link:

If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d be happy to hear it and I’ll probably make an updated version.


I’ll check it out in a bit.


I love it! It’s amazing! I wouldn’t change anything about it.


Thanks. There are still some glitches that I need to sort out. It is still pretty good though.


It’s on featured!


Yeah! It’s always nice when that happens. I’m fairly sure it’s my 10th feature. :smile:


I only have 2.


That’s still pretty good. 90% of the community probably wouldn’t have any. BTW, do you have the latest beta?




I was just wondering, because there’s some pretty weird stuff going on, and there’s also suddenly heaps of potential. Check out these projects:

I’m having some ideas with the ‘Set Scene’ block
(Scroll up on the website the second link takes you to and then press ‘open in app’)
And the ‘Set width and height’ seems cool too.


I’ve already seen the top link and liked it a while ago, but what are your intentions on the second link?


General testing. It’s weird how when you change the width/height, the size changes to some random decimal. And how if you put a negative number, the sprite flips.