Missing Text Problem?



Hey @staff or @moderators,
In a project I am working on, I was trying to make the ground that my character was standing on. But, when I tried to place the object at 0,0, I slid it too far and the object went off the screen. Is there any way I can get this object back so I can edit the code? Thanks, -US


I think they'll be able to help you! :grinning::thumbsup:🏻


I hope so! And I wish I could make another project, but it's one where It's almost finished and I have been working on it for almost 3 weeks.


What is your screen resolution? If you don't know, which iPad do you have?


A. Idk (Where can I check) B. I have 2 :slight_smile: (One's a school IPad) The school one is and IPad Air 2 and my other one is an IPad Mini 4


I think THT has access to everyone's drafts, so I am pretty sure they can fix it!


Actually, I think that the problem is that his iPad screen resolution is smaller than the app resolution!

Let me check...


Which iPad did you use for the project?


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The Mini @Rawrbear


Which one? 1, 2, 3 or 4?


cuatro (It's 4 in Spanish ICYDK)


This is probably why!

If you compare the screen resolution with other iPad types, yours is smaller than other iPads! That's why your text could end up off of the screen, the app itself is bigger than the iPad screen! Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Also, go here for the iPad comparison thing!


Yeah! Thanks @Rawrbear!