Missing remix symbol


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

The remix symbol is broken in the Hopscotch app.

It has been a problem for a while that when a user remixes a project and then unpublishes it, the resulting draft does not bear the attribution to the original creator.

Now, I just created a remix where I neither saved to my drafts, nor unpublished and the attribution to the original creator is missing. I opened the project via a link on the forum, made changes, and published.

Does THT not feel that proper attribution is an important component of Hopscotch to warrant fixing it?

Hopscotchers, below are polls to convey your opinion to THT.

As an original project creator, when someone remixes your project attribution (the remix symbol with your name)

  • Matters a lot
  • Matters a little
  • Doesn’t matter

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As a project remixer, when you remix someone else’s project attribution (the remix symbol with the original creator’s name)

  • Matters a lot
  • Matters a little
  • Doesn’t matter

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They have already been notified about this. Many have opened up similar topics.


I am aware. However I think the missing attribution without unpublishing is a new wrinkle. Either way, I am hoping the polls will allow THT to prioritize their efforts according to the user’s perceived value of the attribution.


Yeah that’s a good idea. Unfortunately they do have too many issues with the app (not the editor or player at this point) and are taking loads of time to complete the fixes. Trending has been gone for a month now…


Question: how often does this happen to you?

Totally understand that it’s frustrating if someone republishes your project without attribution.

The chain of steps to do this is quite complicated, does it happen often? Are there many hopscotchers who have discovered this hack and are going around stealing people’s projects without attribution?


@awesomeonion Here is an example while we were testing this game. I was the original creator.

It does happen often, just scroll down #games and you should see famous games there without the original creator’s authorisation. I have no idea if hops do it on purpose to make out that they were the original creators.


there was a bug in a previous release where remix attributions were not working so perhaps many of these may be coming from users with old versions of the app.


Did this happen recently?


It’s been around for 6 months from when I’d first noticed it from the above example. But I thought going in the JSON for a project did that anyways, so I turned a blind eye to it.


The bug is when you follow all the steps, i.e.

  • publish a remix of a project
  • unpublish it
  • republish it

Then remix symbol is gone.

Or is there another sequence of steps that causes this?


That’s the only way I’m aware of.


We’ll look into it if we have time, but it really seems like quite an uncommon case.



Yes. See original post.

I just retest by opening a project from the app instead of the forum and the attribution is still missing.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a project
  • Make changes
  • Publish Remix

This is neither complicated nor can it be uncommon.

Thank you for your time & attention. It is appreciated.

Device iPad4,1, iOS Version 10.2, Hopscotch Version 5, Player Version e4962f6


Ah, I see @ThinBuffalo – looks like you are on the version from December that had a bug with remix attribution. We fixed it about a week later. If you update your app it will go away!


I didn’t know there was an update. I guess I will update now!


Odd. The App Store does not indicate that there is an update to Hopscotch. But if I look at my version (3.25.0) verses the details of the Hopscotch app available for download, I can see the latest version is 3.25.4. However it also says that version was released today.


There have been 4 releases since then! Maybe you had the testflight installed?


I did. Perhaps installing a TestFlight version interferes with the App Store’s automatic updates?


Last I checked, opening an unpublished project from a link and publishing it removes it


Yeah, I have seen remixed projects without the remix bar a lot. I don’t remix projects myself, but I know what you are talking about.