Missing Ian Fyre



Many people ask, "Where is Ian?" I asked this to the hopscotch team recently. Turns out, he left the hopscotch staff. :frowning:
He hasn't posted since Last year, and I really miss him. He was the first hopscotch staff member to respond to my email, and tell me that the F4L thing was okay. It's really sad that he's gone now. Please post a thanks to him in this topic. Even though he might not see it, do it for memory... :pensive:
Goodbye, @Ian ;-;


HE IS GONE??? What? No!! He was the first one to respond to my email too! He helped me with a bad glitch on My Holiday Card... :sob:


This is so sad ;-; he is a great person.


i cri


he also responded to me in an email

He's the one who makes the videos, right :stuck_out_tongue:

I've never realized this

*starts cringing

I guess Ian has left our hearts ;-;


;-; ;-; ;-;

We all crying
Thank you @Ian for everything you've done. You will be remembered


This is sad. ;-;

Thank you, @Ian, for responding to my emails, you helped me with a lot of bugs, and helped me reset my password. ;-;


Thank you @Ian for helping us you were the first to answer my e-mail as well this is so upsetting!


That's so sad!


Does this mean

No more videos :0

Er mah gerd that's sad


Other hopscotch staff may do it, idk


Bye Ian wait he did the videos?!?


we cry we sad we die! @lan cry cry


I don't think @Ian did the videos, @Alish did! And @Liza responded to our emails.


I think it's Alish, not Ian. He makes the videos.


Oh :sweat_smile:

Why me no know difference


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Because in one video, Alish said, "Hey, it's Alish," and Liza said,"And Liza". And Alish did the cooking video.


Ian did some videos too.


I miss him :cold_sweat: He follows me on his other account ;-; That's the only hopscotch team member to ever follow me :sob: Now he's gone :confounded:


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