Missing features?/ Weird feature bugs



Hi Frens!
I think that many of you have noticed that there are missing features.Some examples are @EmojisRUs cool draw and Blast Fusion project. Why is this happening?
Is anyone experiencing this glitch too?
I can't find the topic for this I created one
-Hero Dino


Yes, I am.
Either they've been unfeatured for a reason, or something fishy is going on. :frowning:

Try restarting hopscotch! :slight_smile:


maybe they got replaced? Or maybe u have to scroll to find them. Hope this helped!


I don't know why projects have randomly been un featured :0

Maybe it's a glitch!
But I restarted hopscotch many times, and scrolled down a lot! :0
I dunno ;-;


My pixpad got taken off of featured :relieved:


@bluedogmc-official , I feel your pain.Even though I never been feature.


Yah, I was pretty upset that it's off. Oh well, at least my first two features stayed on lol.

I'm sure you will gets feature soon!


Thanks a lot! I actually felt a little upset when my Pixel Art Collection:Summer Edition didn't get featured.But hey, that's another story....
You got 3 features! Wow! Congrats!



I don't think they are taking things off, I think it's a bug :0


Hope da bug will be squashed at the new HS update next Mon


Does it still count has a feature if the project was taken off of featured? Lol now i have two features again :no_mouth:


I've noticed this too, and I've also experienced it!

Also, I think that whenever this happens, only the person who made the project can see it in their profile. In short, it acts like it's in the filter. :frowning:

I hope this bug is fixed in the next update! :D

@bluedogmc-official, I don't think it wasn't taken off on purpose, it must be a bug. D:

Why not try emailing the Hopscotch Team? When I emailed them after this happened to me, they managed to get it fixed. :D

By the way, the project isn't showing up in your profile for me. :(


Hmmm... Thanks tho! I'll email them!


It still counts!

I don't think THT would take things off featured like that. I think it's a bug.
No, it counts because you were on and still should be on featured!

U have 3 featured!


Yay, thanks @smishsmash!

@Mathgirl, it shows up for me..


How can the project maker is the only one who see it?
I knew the bug from Blast Fusion's announcement.


Your welcome! It's true!

Just because there's a bug that took it off featured doesn't mean it doesn't count!


What is the title of your featured project that is unfeatured but it still counts?


It's called PIXpad!


Is it this one?