Missing Blocks from Published Project

So, theres a problem with my project right now.

My username is Razuyuuu, and I made a game called ‘Squid Game v1.6.3’. It has over 2K views and I don’t want to lose that.

I have been stuck without certain blocks, such as broadcast message, set background, arrange blocks: front back etc. I have scenes and all but I can’t seem to get these blocks back, they are important. Is there a way I can get them back?


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It looks like you accidentally activated lite mode, which reduces the number of blocks in the keyboard. To change it back, you’ll need to tap the little button above the blocks that says “full”, and it should show everything that was hidden before.


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Like Awesome_E said, all you need to do is tap on [Full] to show all of the blocks again. You’re currently on the [Lite] keyboard, which hides a lot of the blocks to reduce the chance of being overwhelmed.


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The other two both explained your experience.
Don’t worry I had this exact problem once too lol :sweat_smile:


thanks yall i was scared i had to do something more impactful :sweat_smile:


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