MissFluffyHusky's General Topic (Old; Making a new one 😐)


Hi everyone! This is just my general topic where I will post art, do Q & A's, and random stuff! :smile:


I summon you to look at my topic! :smiling_imp:


Who yo fav hopscotcher?


I don't think I have one really, every Hopscotcher is great :wink:


Cover page! :smile:


What the comic is about:

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD is about a lab-husky mix named Laceit who gets kil.led by Pumpkin Husky and turned into a Pumpcin and transported to the Pumpkin Training Camp, where he was to loose his mind, learn how to k.ill, obey orders, use pumpkin flame, and learn to survive in this new evil world. But, even with all this he manages to survive and escape....In a way....


Nice topic, MFH! Sorry I wasn't on... So much HW! Maybe u can let the other Hopscotchers know!


Thanks! Like which hopscotchers?
(Yeah, I know. I haven't started making the comic yet because of homework. I'm almost done though, but then I'm going to have to check it all. Bleh)


Like all Hopscotchers, especially DuskMoon, Galasfera, etc.


DuskMoon doesn't have the forum, and I tried getting DQ here.
(Idk, maybe you could ask if she could check it out? I still need to work on chapter 1. I'm almost done with it :3)


This was Chapter 1, The Killing


I know you.
You're that pumpkin thing


Hey Husky! :smile:

How's it going? Long time no see! :D


I'm doing fine! How about you? :wink:



Amazing comic so far!! :smiley: I LOVE it!! So suspenseful, too! It's great! Keep working on it! Can't wait to see the next part!!



Thank you so much!! :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry everyone, but I'm canceling the comic, but I'm looking forward to (possibly) making a book series that will/might be posted on Hopscotch! I want to make it, but even after all this time I cannot code with the layout. I will be extremely grateful if someone were to help me out! :wink:

Edit: Hmm....I actually don't know if I need help or not....


I has been summoned (I finally noticed after 2 months, sry I'm not active.)