@MirzaInYourFace123's General Topic!



Hey Hops!
I know most of you have made your own general topic so, I love to make one, too!

Okay, so...
Here you will see announcements by me/post your games or a reply, and share your ideas and give out shoutouts, and tell me what to make and EVEN MORE !!!!! But make sure you be nice to @everyone and don't get too off topic :slight_smile:, DO NOT START FLAME WARS AND FIGHTS! "Sorry if I'm getting angry, but these rules are really important and you will get suspended for that." Have a good day, Hops!:smile::smile:


How did you get your name


Idk :smile: :slight_smile:


What is your favorite color?


What is your HS username?


My Hop name is CodingNewbie.



Hey Hops!
Just to let you know one day I will be extremely busy on a movie for the Hopscotch app, which releases on 2017 idk what is the full date so yeah.
Have a good day guys!