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i listened to rude buster and i couldn’t even make out the bassline ,’/


you gotta listen to it carefully or maybe look up a bass cover lol.

or look at the bassline in a synthesia tutorial thing.


hmmmm maybe fearless can help me with the music


I think it kinda needs a bit of practice sometimes.
Listen to a bass track of the song, then listen to the actual song and see if you can pick it out.


are you familiar with FL studio


yeah i had the free version but even that took too much space off my poor dad’s laptop lol.

and i keep forgetting to ask my mom for 15 dollars for the ios edition.


I mean I’ve heard about it and I think I’ve tried it once.

Someone, you got post 555 and 666. Cool. But you can’t be both

Sorry, autocorrect keeps being weird and cutting stuff out of my sentences


so, i’m the only one here who has the paid version


i had to get rid of the free version bc it was killin my dads laptop lol.


@FearlessPhoenix we could do midi trade to make a song


I’m gonna be super busy tho and life rn is just… wellllllll… let’s just say old habits tend to come back after some time.

And my music isn’t good anyway… y’know, just screaming and riffs that “deteriorate your mind”

This is when people step in and ask me if I need a hug


welll idkkk


@Someone45356 what about this other song i made a while ago


what is the mood you were trying to convey with this piece?

anger? sadness? crazyness? romance? other?


like some strange city of fish people


compare your song to the first one in this playlist thing.

tell me what you think.


Actually I gtg, I will later

I’m trying for opfur’ theme, I think it’s gonna be a really long piece instead of a shorter one


So I’ve got something really aggressive, I personally think I did a better job with the drums and bass


Can I hear it?


here’s something i made when i was bored @Someone45356