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Hey speaking of music wanna hear some original music I made @Someone45356


sure why not lol,


First off here’s this metal song for a game I (might) make some time

@Someone45356 keep forgetting to tag you


i think it needs a stronger bass line to smooth out the loud leads, and a quick question are the sometimes off-key things you trying to reflect the idea of the xglitch thing?




not exactly offkey, just some of it just seemed off i guess.


Idk, like I said before I’m not really a professional musician but I’m trying my best to make music that sounds good


yeah yo you’re not doing that bad, it takes time and practice is all like any skill.

if you keep doing music you’ll get good at it eventually for sure.




no problem dude, but seriously tho you gotta work on the bass, its an important piece to any musical piece lol.


Hm okay, you mean I should make the bass louder?


not louder, just dont make it follow the rest of the melody 24/7 lol.


Not entirely sure what that means, but I kinda get it and I’ll try


so i think i figured out my problem. i always come up with the bassline first


like for example listen to rude buster’s bassline, and compare the bass to the rest of the melody.

big difference right?


heyyy fearless


I always come up with my basslines first too

Cuz I’m a bassist lol


Heyyy Rex, heyyyy Someone.


for a second i forgot i put this topic on watching and when i saw you didn’t reply to me directly i was thinking you hacked the forum or something lol.