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well, feel free to change it


@Someone45356 hey what’ve you got?


I got nothing 'cause idk how to fix the scroll value when hitting walls…


oh uhhh

ask someone for help? i gtg


@Someone45356 did you ever ask anyone for help


mr rex not now



Uhhhh wait what


What’s going on


Hi, sorry if I shouldn’t be here, but what are the planner and graphic designer jobs about? I may want to join.


planner requirements: you should know how the original Undertale game is layed out and be good at planning and making a balanced game
graphic designer: making pixel sprites based off of Undertale’s graphics


I could do the graphic designer one, if it doesn’t have to be coded and if I don’t have to really know what Undertale is (because I don’t) and just look up pics of sprites.


@FearlessPhoenix here


Uhh okay?

And Rex, I know, I’m here


don’t invite the whole omtl to this topic! it’s supposed to be hidden!


Yeah, and I know I shouldn’t be here, but whatever!


Ok, so, first we’ll focus on you being a coder. How familiar are you with Undertale?


Not very

And like I said, I’m not committed until you have no one else.


ok. that won’t disqualify you, but it will affect your rank. so, do you want to see what we have?




this is the latest official version, to install it, click download on the site, and then go to scratch and make a new project, and click file and click upload from my computer, then find the file