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I don’t know, I’ve not looked very far into the code


lets both look at the demo project thing you told me about and see how they do it.

do you have the link for that project?



@Someone45356 I wasn’t able to figure out how the autoscroll works. You?


notice how his project didn;t have that same problem we do…

what if we split the wall sprites into parts so when one dissappears there’s another one to show up for it?

also the demo made me think of how we’re gonna be doing the tutorial and second part/third part/ fourth part/ etc…

i’ve never tried cloud values before that’s why.


also, one problem with cloud variables is i think newer people can’t use them for some reason


i’ve been on scratch for a while, i think i might just be able to do it.


i mean when it comes to the players


we don’t have any better options sadly so yeah,


they have a value for scroll, and also have blocks for collision zones.

im not very experienced with blocks so maybe that’s the thing we were missing to make a complete solid wall.


i remember now about the scroll value yeah.

depending on how much scroll value there is, then we can set what shows up when.


ok, will you work on that? I’m messing with cloud variables



here’s what i was doing


hhhhhhhhhhh i don’t think i’m ever gonna unlock cloud variables


your thing was a bit of a mess, so im gonna do the scrolling from the one before it.

too many event stuff and too little values was just very annoying.




what did you mean by making frisq go in front of the sprites in the note you put?


before frisq couldn’t touch the rectangles at all, but now he’s colliding and going a bit inside of it and the scroll value is broken atm because of that.


oh my bad. it just looked funny to me how the top of frisc’s head was covered by the wall


yeah but now his feet are on top of the wall if you go down the ceiling wall.