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“finally, a suitable host”


Undertale mecha anime confirmed.




Lets make a legit frisq mech in there lolazo.


where, in the game?


Where would it make the most sense?



idk it doesn’t really make sense in the first place


Nahhh that was actually a joke, how do you honestly expect to add a frkin mech into all of this?


oh ok sorry


you know, i can’t believe we’ve made 570 comments on this thing somehow…


I can believe it, there’s been a lot of discussion going on

are you going to work on the autoscroll some time today? i tried and failed, technically it’s your turn anyway


the trick is to set frisq in the middle of the screen when in autoscroll mode (most of the time), and not make him move at all.

when you reach a ded end, then you move freely.


ok, but it is technically your turn


yeah but you said you were trying tho right?

i was just suggesting something.


i actually have an idea.


will thy tell me that idea, or is it a surprise?


if it doesn’t work i’ll tell you.


ok i shall wait here then.


@Someone45356, one problem. Scratch only allows objects to go so much offscreen, thus breaking the autoscroll system


How did other undertale projects handle that same problem?