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ok, i’ll put it back to normal for now


oh and about the music it’s kind of at a standstill right now because i made happy ghost fight (it’s called ‘ghost friend’) but i can’t figure out which instrument i should use


have you tried the original instruments? if you wanna use happy instruments, think of like stuff that reminds you of children’s show, or maybe a ragtag perhaps?


i just thought an idea for an interaction with froggit.

*you complimented froggit

*froggit now thinks you’re canadian

aka that won’t work this time. apologizing is an option that appears right after that action.


what the heck


let’s have some fun while making this shall we not?

this is the kind of stuff that is all over undertale if you look closely.


plus, we can’t make the game that boring now right?


i get that part, but i don’t understand the canadian thing


canadian stereotypes is that they’re really nice, if you ask one of the tutorial froggits they’ll tell you one of the previous humans that entered were very nice and said they were canadian.


in the original game or in our game


in our game you silly, there is no info about the previous human souls, so if we do that we can at least flesh out one of them while we’re at making the game.


so that canadian thing can be used more than once later on probably since we mentioned it.


after autoscrolling and a revamp of the collisions, we should do interaction text and custom sprites


yes that would be much required.


here, let’s make an order to do things.


although once we got all the core mechanic stuff, we really should worry about the stuff we’ll be deviating from the original in the area we’ll be working on, a.k.a the ruins.


Things to do:
animation DONE
walking DONE
collisions DONE
collisions revamp
battle IDs and triggers
battle HUD
sparing (and killing) system

side thing that is also pretty important:
flesh out story
themes and symbolism
new characters
new areas
new music


ok so we’re done for today right?


i guess, i’ll probably work on the autoscroll though


ok now i can finally take a break.