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yeah i couldn’t make it transparent sadly…


little thing i made.



even if you don’t code anymore tonight here’s this thing


@Someone45356 what do you think?


its a nice way to say enter a home, but we also need to come up with a sidescrolling version of that.

i was thinking as soon as you enter sidescrolling mode everything but you moves to make the illusion that you’re still moving.


ok, i knew we were going to do that eventually i was just doing that first

i’m about to take a break from coding for a while, if you want to you can try it


@Someone45356 did you decide to work on autoscroll?


i did say i was exhausted before tho…


i wonder if tv, tree, tf, or idk somebody else could code…


so you didn’t? that’s okay

i’ll look for someone to code maybe


we should make an archive of all the sprites and official versions of the project we make on the topic post…


if i put it on wiki, will you do that?


wait wdym by putting it on wiki?


making it so you can edit it


oh yeah of course, that shouldn’t be too hard.


ok i made it global edit, tell me when you’re done

add the msuic too


just before i end up wasting my time, you erased all the music right?
(this question is so that i don’t have to scroll down for so long to find nothing lol)


i already put the music in the post


Okay, @Someone45356, that should be everything right?


yeah pretty much i think.