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here you go.


i haven’t done collisions since a while so im still a bit rusty.


ok. sorry i didn’t reply right away, i’m in the car so i’m getting and losing service


@Someone45356 you forgot to include instructions on how the collision system works


its a one way thing, so whichever wall you’re hitting will be the direction you won’t be able to move in, i know there’s probably a way around that but it was already taking too long and i tbh had no clue on how to do it differently.


ok but if i want to make a new wall how would I do that?


make a new sprite, and stamp the line of codes that include the direction that you don’t want frisq to move in, or alternatively grab one of the existing ones and change the costume according to the direction you don’t want frisq to move in once more.


okay, but where is the collision code at?


actually no, scrap that. go to the movement line of code, and put a can’t move if touching the new wall, for the direction you don’t want frisq to move in.


oh i didn’t see the note you put in there


also mr rex, i think im done for today.


ok. are we still going to discuss it today?


im just exhausted from all the code, but if you have any ideas yourself that you wanna share go right ahead.


what’s the direction ID for up?



Also im gonna upload the unpixelated frisq sprites here so that is easier to transfer them to my other computer.



you know how things use the direction variable? which number means your facing up?


The numbers are by each code line you just need to look for 'em, and if you think thats too difficult once you find which ones are which, you can make a note and put that info in there.


i think these should be the final pixelated sprites for the base of all future frisq battle sprites…


after i’m done coding them can i clean it up a little bit?

like removing the gray parts and the background i mean