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no problem


also for animating the frisq sprite, im gonna have to make three separate sprites: head, body, and legs so that it looks like how the game animates the battle sprites.

just a little more context in case it seems confusing later on.


ok I think i forgot to do that with my blank sans animation




@Someone45356 have you started on the movement system now?


yeah im starting it now.


ok, i’ll work on the start menu I guess


I don’t know where to start on the menu


Hey @Someone45356, I’m not saying this because I want you to, but I think if you
A. put this topic on watching and
B. followed me on scratch
it would be easier to work on this


wait what difference would it make by me doing those things?


i wouldn’t have to tag you for every post


i can bookmark this page and then all of that is over.



how goes the walking engine?


should i try to tackle the wall system along with it or is walking just fine?


Go ahead and show it to me and after that we’ll see


there you go.


so, what does thy think?


that’s really good actually. I’d go ahead and do walls, then hand it over to me and I’ll do bugfixes and the rooms system.


okay dokey that i shall do.


oh and put some notes about how to use the collision system when you’re done.