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one of the things you won’t normally see in hopscotch because custom sprites and costumes.


one thing I’m certainly worried about for the final product is lag.


we have to split the game into parts


but how is the progress going to work? what stops the player from just skipping to the end of the game?


maybe we could do it in passwords at the end of each part?

so like you can’t enter a new part unless you have the password from the end of the previous one.


maybe. or could we use some sort of cloud variable?


how would that work?

as in legit curious, not sarcastic tone


like for every player there’s a variable called PROGRESS and each project checks for it?


oh that could just work,

also what should the screen say if you skip to the last part?


sans calls you a dirty hacker


ok no lets not be that edgy, maybe like it makes you locked in the dog room while dogsong plays?


well that was a reference to something in the original undertale


and if you’re in the part where you find the dogroom and you have tried to enter that part without progress there is an easter egg with a description that says “the room is not locked… thankfully.”


yes i know, but i think that the whole dirty hacker thing deserves a more meaningful call back than that.


I guess. yeah the dogroom thing would be funny i guess


also i found a good pixelating app so now i can pixelate that frisq better.


cool. The walking animation is done, I just gotta export it


ok, also how do you make into a mediafire download thing? wonderin’ so that i can do it myself once we’re done with the walking in general.


go to mediafire.com and drag the file in. it’s that simple


oh ok, i knew it wouldn’t be that complex. thanks!