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Sorry I lost internet then I spilled something


no, the animations you silly or else you’re asking me to waste 9000000+ hours on adding the code from the placeholder if i make one.


and just in case we aren’t thinking in the same direction, we’ll be using the arrow keys for movement right?


yeah. so you want me to get the sprites and animate them in scratch?


Here’s a wip of the neutral frisq sprite, but i can’t make it look pixelated without it also looking blurry…


did you try using the pixelator website?


Yes that would be lovely.

I can try to continue working out some of the new sprites we’ll be using.

And what should these be? New monsters? New objects for areas? Something else?


I haven’t but i think it might make it look blurry as well…


Oh yeah are we going to have regular encounters?


wdym by regular encounters?


like froggit or snowdrake


yeah, but the interactions will be different. so like froggit you have to do something else that isn’t complimenting him to spare him, etc.


we could add one new monster probably as well…


ok. let me make the frisc thing 20 million times easier for you


i actually have an idea on how to make it pixelated, your looks like the battle version of the roblox version of frisq.


it’s not mine actually i found it on the internet

it said it was free to use


Update: I’ve got all the sprites ready, now I just have to program the animation, which shouldn’t take long.


Hey @Someone45356, one minor problem with the walking system is if you barely move up or down the animation will continue longer than the time your walking by half a second or two. Is this okay or should i try to fix it?


you need to put if blocks in every frame of animation to stop that.



coding this is surprisingly easy