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we’re gonna code a game on scratch

The team:



Graphic designers:

Music creators:


Pretty much everything else:

if you come across this topic and want in, just ask and we’ll consider it

so gaster tries to come back by bringing his pieces together but they’re scattered across three timelines. so he tries to bring them together but accidenatlly creates opfur and causes other timelines to get sucked in and the player gets teleported through timelines by mirrors and uh just read the posts here

archive of stuff

versions and wips


new sprites







Too many people have found this already


there is a truth to be said about bored people lol.


me? ehhhhhhh i just didn’t wanna clog up other topics


that’s two too many lol


but at least they’re not gonna wanna join probably lol.


ok so let’s discuss the thing here?


yes lets do this.

we’re doing just the three timelines or are we doing other aus as well?


for now we’ll just focus on the three timelines, later we’ll worry about the AU’s


how are we gonna do the collab on scratch to make it work? if we’re doing remix (like the only option we have) so we like make our changes, put it in the backpack in case somebody else makes the remix before you and just put it in?


idk, i’m not familiar with scratch tbh


its very similar to hs, but you can put custom sounds and images without paying and you can edit and play at the same time so yeah…

there’s a whole bunch more sensory stuff and conditionals…


one time i tried scratch and failed, that’s why i didn’t put myself on the coders list. but maybe i can do it with your help


we together can certainly do it, if you have any problems just ask me lol.


but we gotta figure out the materials from where we’re basing the whole thing off of/ aka the story.


i think we might need a third storywriter at some point

rn I’m about to make a mashup of megalovania, stmpwyfs, and bonetrousle for our thing


who’s gonna be the final antagonist of this story, main antagonist?


probably gaster. it makes sense.


what is his motivation for being the bad guy here? isn’t he trying to fix it to begin with?

what if it was some creature thing that gaster interacted with that started the whole ordeal, and this creature is the thing you’ll be fighting against in the end?

but i think you shouldn’t know about the creature, and until you beat gaster, gaster will be seen as the antagonist…