Mirror draw tutorial



7 scripts! that's it!


also, this just makes the simplist one possible, add width and color yourselves, this is just the mirror draw it's self, see my project for this exact code


Ohhh, I kinda get it! So it uses invisibilities? Interesting! :smile:


Sorry to offend, but you can use only 4 scripts for almost the exact same thing.


true, but I only used 1 Sprite, to make things easier to understand, and 2 of those scripts were involved with a clone of the Sprite, (not the soda, but iPad capitalizes it so it thinks it is) I see that 4 scripts is possible, but that's with 2 sprites


Well, actually 4 of them involved the clone, the one with Create a Clone, the one with When character is cloned, and the 2 with clone move.



the 2 not involving motion could be cut out if I used 2 characters


So cool! I love it did you figure out the code yourself or did you get it from Valgo?


not to brag or anything, but I did it myself


Cool! I always love seeing what people who can come up with code in inspiration from someone else!