MiracleShoutouts General topic! (take 2)


So, I would like some feedback! From you! In every poll, one is the worst, while ten is the best. Also, I just changed this to my general topic! (Seriously):stuck_out_tongue: Here are a couple polls:

How is my behavior on the forum?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10


Do you think I make good projects?

  • Yes
  • IDK
  • No


Do you think I can become Leader someday?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • IDK


Do you think I am active enough?

  • Yes
  • No


Am I mature?

  • Yes
  • No


That is it! I would appreciate some constructive criticism, because I know that I (and everyone else) can improve!


Cool! I don't look at your stuff much but I think are on a lot... So yeah! Keep it up!


Would you like to post this on my 'How well am I known' topic? I know it doesn't really fit but just try!


No, I do not think it fits good. :slight_smile:





Pls don't turn into my mother XD @kvj

@MiracleShoutouts I think you are doing great! Just keep it up! :smiley:




@MiracleShoutouts i think people are using the polls to be mean - they are giving you bad ratings because since it isnt a public poll, you dont know who said you were bad. If i were you, i would change to a public poll so that people will judge the right way :smiley: but if you dont want to, i dont care, dont think that you need to listen to me! :smiley:

And also i dont mean to be mean to all you people who did vote correctly :wink:


Well, that's hard to say.

Because when it's a public poll, people might press good options because they know you can see what they pick. So they might not be honest.


That's also true... Oh how I wish people would always be honest! Because I know that nobody could possibly think miracleshoutouts' coding skills are a 1


Ooooooh 50/50!!



DUUUUUNN!!!!!!!!!! XD


I vote fair for either so yeah.

I voted honestly.


Your profile pic :0

It's amazhing



Wut am I doing with my laif



I was doing this then @Kiwicute2016 just did it and changed my pic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean you are okay but maybe be more meaningful in your posts


Can you add a no option for the leader thing because that part isn't fair


I think you mean well
What? My mom always nags me about that...


That profile picture though. Why Donald Trump? Why not Hilary Clinton?


Because Trump is getting stronger