Minute of silence for SaucyHotdogšŸŒ­


So SaucyHotdog Has cancer and only has 5 weeks to live so I was thinking That we could all Keep him in our thoughts. I don't know if they have the forum .
@Kiwicute2016 shall we keep this closed or should I change the title and post to praying for people with cancer?


That's a great and thoughtful idea


Thank you fren.:blush::blush:I am sad


You're welcome. Me too. How will this "silence" work? Like, no posting?


Umm just keep him in out thoughts maybe not silence idk


I see you @FascinatingTreehouse :joy:


He only has 2 weeks ;-;

It's very sad ;-;


I C U 2
Poor SaucyHotdog :hotdog::persevere::pensive:


Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea!!! I am sooo sorry SaucyHotDogā€‹:hotdog:!!!! ;-; ;-;


I can't really feel bad. This just seems like saucy wants attention.


I thought the same, maybe they want pity :0

But you never know who's behind the screen (if u don't know them irl) they could have cancer ;-; so I'm just maybe going to say something nice and move on :)


I completly agree!! ;U;




Yah. What senpai said. I am not sure, but in case it's true, I'll just be nice about it.


it COULD be like those "i have nu frens and i ish bullied" accounts.


Thank you, senpai :D


That's a thoughtful idea. Someone in my school, this brother died from cancer. ;-;


We shouldn't just assume that. What if it's real? This could be very mean if SaucyHotdog saw this post. :frowning:

We should just try to say something nice, and move on, whether it's real or fake. :slight_smile:


He has only a few weeks left :confused:
Even if he is faking it...but still...


:sob: extremely sad
Anyways pray 4 cancer guyz