Minor design detail…



Why does tapping the Published or Favorites tab scroll to the top of your profile if you're not at the regular height while tapping the Drafts tab keeps the profile in the same place?
@Liza, @Rodrigo, @alish, @awesomeonion, @jocelyn, @asha?
(Maybe too much tags for something so minor….)


Probably because there was something in the actual program code that does something like initialize the tab!


xD that's the fastest time I've seen anyone get 5 likes!


Please stay on-topic, @RenegadeBird1.


first post gets 5 likes in 2 minutes
types reply that it's the most in such a short timespan
gets 5 likes in 1 minute

Uh huh….


Is this on the iPhone or iPad?


He's talking about the Drafts tab, too, so probably iPad…


iPad! :D


Oh, good eye, and good point! :open_mouth: we will take a look at it at some point