Minor announcement on the forum

Hey all,

Recently the @leaders and I have made some internal changes to how we moderate the forum. You can expect an updated community outline that is more detailed soon.

With that said, there are two changes that I’d like to clarify first:

  1. All the community warnings will be sent via a closed PM from now on. This means that, if you have questions about why you received a warning, you can send an email to help@gethopscotch.com, and I can explain the details to you.
    This decision was made to improve moderation efficiency and to allow the leaders more time to work on planning events/activities on the forum.
    Fortunately, this change will not affect most of your forum experience as long as you follow the community guidelines on the forum.

  2. This one requires a favor from all of you! We’re trying to create a more beginner-friendly space for new forum users to ask questions about Hopscotch. So, if you see someone asking questions that had been asked before, kindly explain to them again, or post a link to the topic with the same question. We will not close/merge these topics immediately because it would make the new users confused. Remember the first day you were on the forum? I bet it was overwhelming to figure out what goes where. Let’s make it more welcoming for everyone!

That’s it for now - thanks for making the forum an awesome place!



awesome - we’ll certainly make sure to be friendly with new users :))

boop @omtl and @Rectangle :rainbow_flag:


Cool! You’re awesome : D




Okay I know now happy pride🏳️‍🌈