Minnesotan Hopscotchers(project related!)


Hello there everyone, my name is TheDiamondBlade, and I am from Minnesota. (I said it like Markiplier!) Before you flag this, hear me out. I am making a project with all the names of all or most of the Minnesotan Hopscotchers.
Leave your name and account name down below if you live, lived, or were born there!


You can't share personal information, that includes states...


I do live in Minnesota, but I agree with @Stick88.


Actually, I do believe that you are able to share that! As long as you don't say:
"Hi! I live in Minnesota, in the town of Gilbertville, and my address is 26386 Falling Leaves Way!"
Asking as you don't get too specific!


I think states are OK. As long as you don't start giving out more information on where exactly you live :slight_smile:


I think state is fine..If I said I lived in California, (I don't) there is really no way to track me down. I wouldn't, but I think it is fine. Just don't give your exact address.


I live in MN too!
(filling space)


Then I think you're able to share countries too... :laughing:


Yep! :D


I'm from the United Kingdom.


I'm from Sweden.


I live in Minnesota! I don't think we should put our real names, but my hopscotch account name is hansonnoah.


I live in MN! :heart:


I live in Indiana


Wait, what are your school colors?


I live in a state. In Washington. Washington State. Yay.


States are okay unless u don't feel comfortable sharing it!


I don't think asking for information like that is good.

(I'm typing this on my wii u.)


Green and Gold! :green_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:


You might live near me, but my school colors are blue, white, and black.