Minigame collection!



Hi everyone! I'm coding a minigame collection!

Here is a pic:

I already added a basic tapper. I don't know what other small games to add! Do you have any ideas? will give credit!

Also, with all the points you earn, you can go to the "store" and buy prizes and more mini Games!

I will give credit for ideas and help!


Like a run from the bear or something?


Good idea! I might make that a extra game you can buy with points!


Amazing! Would like, but I just liked about 50 posts on the Would You Rather topic and ran out of likes :frowning:


how about a dodging game? that'll be interesting. you play by holding down a circle to dodge.


I always run out of likes on big topics like that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:! Thanks anyway!


Interesting.... I'm liking that idea!


Yeah, anyway, I've been out of likes almost all day. And then I've liked almost every reply in that topic.