Mini Music Contest!


For my project, I am looking for hopscotch pieces!

Open this project to find out more about it.


@MagmaPOP (highly unlikely though)

There is nothing formal about this competition, read it, enter it if you wish, and then post a link here after you have published it.


Sure! I'll find time to make a tune!


I could make something! I will probably do it tomorrow


Omg it is due on my bday!!!!


Coincidence! Happy early bday


I tried entering, but somethings up with the music on my side, probably just a weird glitch though :stuck_out_tongue: I'm going to submit a pep rally song I play on my clarinet!


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Nope! Anything is fine


I can try and enter :wink:


Alright! I'm going to try entering.
@OrangeScent1Yeah, I dunno if we're talking about the same thing, but there is a weird glitch that plays two notes at the same time for no reason.


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It can be anything! Just something I haven't done yet, because if you try to make something I've already made, then -_-


Here's a link to mine:
What do you think?


Amazing! Although I already included your modern music, but that is awesome!


Thanks! It's a song that we have in violin that I recreated from memory.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then I added the claps, just because I felt like it.


I did hot and cold by Katy perry :wink:


I can do the beginning of Star Wars, if you are interested in that. But I am also doing something else!


Can our music have separate parts that are additions to the song, but aren't included in the original?


Yeah, anything :stuck_out_tongue: is fine