Mini Golf... complete!


I finished my mini golf game! I am sooo excited to share it with everybody! I have spent a good solid ~2 weeks creating this, both while in Hopscotch coding, or outside of it just designing levels and such.

My Mini Golf game consists of 18 holes, with an automatic score keeper, as well as obstacles such as slopes, walls, sand, and water. In addition to all of this it also has a level selector.

Everybody who voted for this in another's topic


Here it is:

If anybody has any tips, comments, questions or constructive criticism I would love to hear it. Enjoy!


yes good i like


Oooo nice mini golf!!!


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is approved.

maybe put this in #open-source-code.

The espresso machine loved the game, but had difficulty getting the ball in. It went over the hole without going in several times. The espresso machine loved the transitions.

Spice up the select level/start/menu screens a little.


Yes, that happens when the ball is moving too fast or the ball doesn’t hit the hole “hit box”.

I could make things look less basic as well, but cooler backgrounds take longer to draw, requiring longer transitions, which is something I’d like to avoid. I’d also like to avoid just using a single object as a background.


That’s a really well designed and awesome game! The physics are great too!


I’ll look at this soon
Looks good :ok_hand:


This is one of the best Hopscotch projects I’ve ever played! It’s so fun to play and has great physics and design :DDD It deserves featured and game changers in my opinion (^-^)


Then I should play it
But web is glitchy but still


Yes that Is very impressive
More and more people are inspiring me to code something instead of staring at share prices within Dow Jones :joy:


Yep it is and yes go code XD


I’m trying to think about what to though :thinking:


Maybe some sort of restaurant game :000


I’m thinking of titanfall
Or a 3D human body