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I can't view the game, but I'm sure it's amazing!


Hi, I know this is totally off topic, but...does anyone have any Minecraft PE servers I could join?


You should add the nether trees and Infiniti terrain!


Why can't you wiew it? :thinking:


Of course! Sorry for the late reply​:sweat_smile:


I can do this:

Dunno why


Can you make the ender world?


This too:


Hey umm it didn't work @CreationsOfaNoob


It didn't? How d'you mean?


Like yours a full terrain or just flat and all textures plus you get credit


I just viewed it, and it's AWESOME!!!



revive lol

I had to do it



oooh I did not know there was a topic for this :DD

I was thinking about remixing with more block types like I did for MagmaPOP's Minecraft Maker (and also someone else remixed that as well) but the editor got a bit laggy and it was bit laggy while playing. I was curious if there was a later version and it looks like there are some here :smiley:

I can't tell if the links don't work or that it is because I'm not looking from an iOS device and not sure if I will end up getting to do it, but nice to find this topic!


Yeah, I remember your wool blocks :D

I wouldn't suggest doing it using the versions uploaded right now, they are extremely laggy and the code is pretty messy. I might do a whole new version (starting from scratch) reworking the physics system and enabling for further features.