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Minecraft and hopscotch and musical.ly are my favorite games! I love this! You make awesome games


Hey can you help me with this @CreationsOfaNoob it's a minecraft game but I need the blocks to spawn in link : https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwtxndw6m Make the square a dirt block and make it spawn flat like yours


Idea list
- infinite or old option - naming option - select worlds option - more mobs - crafting , smelting, eat - health and food - creative and survival - and building and gathering stuff - lastly a hot at and inventory


how do you unpublish?


Also, the top arrow button hides behind the blocks for me


To unpublished click three dots click unpublished then click yes


Whenever I play the project, most of the buttons are covered up by stuff


same here! look at the picture :point_down:


thx I'm going to unpublish my remixes so its easier to find my ACTUAL projects


Hey can someone make the blocks so they make a flat terrain https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwu1fo2hm there's the link


How do you do so you can get blocks in this X position: X 2000


Try playing the lite version!


Look in the code for @MagmaPOP's Minecraft builder
and try to figure out how it was made, or in my project.


Make a multiplayer so I can ez gg ten rek u all


Ok I will but it may not go good


It didn't work cause I'm bad just use that link I gave you to edit and make the terrain


It still doesn't work D:


I'll look at it after school. :thumbsup:🏼


Fixed! :grinning:

Here it is!