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Building blocks is awesome!


Sometimes it's lag :slight_smile:


Which version? Lite?


Ummm... What?


Minecraft version 2.0


Ok. Have you tried the Lite version?


2 posts deleted. 2 of them. i dont want anyone to get crazy.


It's lag in lite version


I can't see the lite version on hopscotch!
Is it published?


Hmm... Can you explain how it acts?


I used a trick where you publish it, copy the link and then unpublish. Then you can get access to unpublished games! :thumbsup:🏼:smile:


I go out from the world and directly go In to a block!


Ok. Then it's not a serious bug. Thanks for clarifying!


Please can someone help me with a idea to a game!


It's not really supposed to happen, but there's a logic explanation to it. Do you want it?


Here's @Rawrbear's idea list of mass destruction...


How do you get it???


Try making it so that you mine the block that is in front of you or where ever the finger is touching.
Also, make it so that tools and materials are either stronger/weaker and add the breaking animation!


May I publish a version of myself? It'll be a remix, but I'll try to eliminate some lag I experienced. If not, that's fine! :D


I think you should try to add infinite worlds, maybe different biomes as well.