Minecraft Topic


This is a topic for discussing my Minecraft Game,

as @Anonymous suggested.
You can for example report bugs or post ideas on how I could expand it.

I hope you like the game :smile:

I will also post snapshots in this topic!


@CreationsOfaNoob I would add trees from your Lumberjack Game but with an axe instead of a chainsaw.


Try making a mini-game that's like MagmaPOP's Minecraft Sneak Up!


Good idea! :grinning:

I'm planning on adding some kind of inventory and some tools in the next update...


Cool! That was my next one XD
Also I love this game


:blush: Thanks!



I think it's awesome! One of my favorite projects!


I'm also gonna do a "lite" version

That's the best word I found... It's really bad :laughing:

In that version i'll try to optimize the game to be faster.
After trying to play it on phone, I realized that maybe 5 fps for the physics is waaaaaaaaaay to slow...


I love your minecraft games!
They are so good!


There are two glitches in each screenshot


Which game are best?

  • Car Game
  • Minecraft 2.0



And both has to do with slow generation


The Creeper has no physics because of lagg.
The weird blue blocks and stuff at the world ends is some kind of glitch


Wso the arrow thingies are lag?


Here is the game with Creeper physics...

Link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwtlx1o2b


Here is the first version of the lite version!

Please tell me how it works for you! :grinning:

Link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwtmr8smg


how about adding a survival and creative, and you choose at the beggining.


I love the game!! I could suggest a few things! ;D

  • Animals
  • Building blocks
  • Zombies

Overall it's an amazing game!! ;D


Might come :grinning:!
At the moment it's something in between...