Minecraft MY Way (My new Minecraft game!)



Recently / 10 mins ago I made a Minecraft game (Beta and there’s not much to play) but it’s took me a long time / 2 days only to make the beta version! Here’s the link to the beta version

@POMTL can you give me feedback?
I will post here the newer versions as they come out!


I like it! So far, my only critique is that the character jumps pretty high – almost inhumanly. If you were to make the jump a little bit less, that would be nice :slight_smile:
I look forward to future versions!


Have you tried out options? I’m going to add more stuff to it!


That sounds cool! I like the ability to change ‘skins’ so far. :slight_smile:


It’s good!
If you keep on adding stuff, it’d definitely be feature-worthy!


I do not understand how this is working


I can give you some code to make your game better. This is code that I came up e help of some people so that your character flips when it moves in a different direction!

[When (Left Button) Is Pressed
Change X by (-20)
Check Once If
[Set (Flip) to (1)
Change Pose]

[When (Right Button) Is Pressed
Change X by (20)
Check Once If
[Set (Flip) to (0)
Change Pose]


Thanks a lot! This will make it much better but do I use it just for miss chief and the emoji or both?


2 of 3 emojis are symmetrical so they wouldn’t be affected by flipping. But the 3rd is winking so you could flip both Miss Chief & Text13.

Another minor improvement is to fix the slight jer.k between the emoji & Miss Chief. Just reorder Text13 (the emoji) to be after Miss Chief and they’ll stay aligned. The reorder causes both objects to be repositioned to the same spots during the same frame.


Alpha Version! New Skins! Grass Block! All New Gameplay Ways!


The Challenge Of The Jokes!

Basically Anyone who replies to this post with a joke will get their joke in my next Minecraft version


The Challenge Of The Skins!

Basically Anyon who replies to this post with a skin ( has to be an emoji ) will get their skin in my next Minecraft version


Yeah, I agree with @WynterDiamond. The character jumps a little too high for my liking. :3


How does Harry Potter get down a hill? walking. JK, rowling.


What about the new version ?
(2 Posts Above!)


Defiantly going in to my game as Harry Potter is my favourite book


I really like it! good job!


haha. I haven’t even actually read Harry Potter, but I know the joke. XD


Any feedback?
Anything I Could Improve?


Not really. You did a really good job with the code. Nothing that I could do.


I actually first saw that joke on a sign in actual Minefp raft.