Minecraft Hopscotch edition



Minecraft HE!


If you look at the code you will see there are 80+ objects!
Do you like it?

Mantid! New Game!

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What @Stampys_fans was talking about: I was editing the post and it had an picture that did not work and the title said "Don't look (editing)"


Sorry I was confused ansd had a headache


It's fine! I've had it before!


ON-topic loved your game and you shoud lookat your activity bar (raising eyebrows


Thanks! @Stampys_fans! yep I just saw that you followed me! thanks!


Love your game, for new updates mabee lots of pixels in the blocks like some black, grey, dark grey for stone?


I'll try! @Stampys_fans 202020202020


Your welcome (would it be to much for you to spend a minute or two and see my projects, if you're feeling like it?)


I am making the textures! @Stampys_fans


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyx9999999999999999999999 (this has to very descriptive fir some reason?)


Ummmmm? @Stampys_fans what does that mean?


I was happy that you were doing pixals for the blocks


Woah! I mean WOAH!!!!! That makes a big difference! @Stampys_fans


It's not done! @Stampys_fans


You mean my avatar , or my help?


Your help! @Stampys_fans


Thanks, always happy to lend a hand (sometimes my arm if you're my friend :joy: LOL)


One more block type to go......@Stampys_fans