Minecraft Hopscotch Creations


Hey guys! This topic is about sharing our Hopscotch Minecraft creations here. For example, you created a model of Star Girl in Minecraft. You could share it here! This is about Hopscotch related builds in Minecraft, so that's how it's related to Hopscotch.


This is my Minecraft build of the picture on the Hopscotch app.

I created it on Minecraft Pocket Edition, btw.


That's cool!
I know this is about making hopscotch things in minecraft, but this isn't really related to hopscotch. Maybe you can now try to make that in hopscotch? Just an idea!


This is a great idea! I'll do one of the first pixel art I ever made on hopscotch!


Yeah but I never saw a topic about Minecraft so I wanted to be the first to make one ;)


Ok! This is a great topic! I was just suggesting that we could make it this a little more hopscotch related! I love minecraft!


Do any of you guys play Hypixel the Walls?


Get back on topic!
This is about hopscotch creations!


Well, obviously MagmaPOPs Creepr sneak up game


Does anyone play MC on console??


I play all versions 20202020


Me too!


I play it on PS3 :D


Wha? No I never play on computers :|


Wow! Cool idea! I'm not that good at pixel art on Minecraft, but I'll go try to make Chillanna on Minecraft Pocket Edition. :grinning:


Thanks! And good luck! :D


I can't seem to get the head to look right, but here's a work-in-progress:


Guys PC is way better than PS3 and Pocket Edition


This is cool! That Hopscotch symbol looks awesome!


I only have Pocket Edition. Anyway,

Back on topic! :wink: