Mindcool24โ€™s place of... well, IDK feel free to change the title Ok. Sounds good to me ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป



yeah. I wish I just played on Java pc so I could play servers and use cool blocks. Bedrock always gets the updates last


Ya youre not wrong. In a bit I can get on my redstone world and you could join me


I canโ€™t really play on my Xbox much anymore. You could screenshot it or screen record it?


Of what?


Red stone world cuz I canโ€™t join you


When I get a job Iโ€™m going to get a realm that has no rules but no spawn greif


And hacking or cheats


I might want to set up my server like that


Yeah. Also make spawn papers. You throw them down and you tp to spawn.


I have an add-on that does warps


Just type a command and name paper /spawn
It also works with dirt placer


Oh coolio. Use that cuz itโ€™s better


Ya you just use commands


Lol ya idk about that stuff


Heh me as sitโ€ฆ Aloneโ€ฆ


Come over here so we can talk @FunDardo


OK, we can talk here.


What do you want the game to be?


Well I was thinking of something like a heist game or something where the guards have those to find you


@Awesome_E I failedโ€ฆ
Also- display help