Mindcool24’s place of... well, IDK feel free to change the title Ok. Sounds good to me 👌🏻



The invisibility is 99 I think… there is a . There as well. My problem (I think) is that the “.” Are moving to fast


Yeah, that can change it.


How would I get it to work then?


I dunno sorry. What are you using the bumps for? Could you just use the same system that is checking if the light drawing things are bumping the platforms?


I’ll try that… thanks! I’ll get back to you if it works


Glad I could help! ExcitedEmoji


Arrrggg it didn’t work… could ya look at it?


I really like what you have done, but I don’t get what the problem is. Do you want me to fix the one platform that isn’t working? I can do that…


Well if you look at the number at the top it needs to go down if the “unworking” platform is in the light


I had another idea for that. What if once light hits an object, it continues going for a bit but as the color black or gray to make a ‘shadow’?


Hmmm that would work let me try that


Hmm… I didn’t work out anything from that quick check, but I will check more after school, cause I’m kinda late…


Ok lol I’m still on Sunday today


You need to add another or(( )and( )) to the collision rule for Tetris Line 4

Just copy and change the part of the formula with Tetris Line 3

Every object that the light needs to hit has to be individually calculated for a collision

P.s. the text object that renders the light rays doesn’t need to say “.” Make it blank instead


Ok I’ll do that thanks!


I had an old idea that you could use, called “Nightwatchers.” It’s a game where you’re a Police hired spy, and you have to knock out all the guards in the enemy’s camp to retrieve the secret prize. Might work!


Cool! I’ll try that! Thanks for the idea!


@TheBest1Ever what language did you used in your text adventure?




Cool! I made a tic tac toe AI in C#