Mindcool24โ€™s place of... well, IDK feel free to change the title Ok. Sounds good to me ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป



Hai! Imma the best!


JdjdWelp canโ€™t argue with that lol


Yeah no one can, because Iโ€™m a robot


Sweet. Does the robot know what a floor plan is? Ssdxj

Hopscotch March Madness 2019 โ€“ MORE team members needed! No sabotage please! ONLY THE JUDGES AND TANKT RUN THE COMP

Hey fe4rless moved the topic!


Thanks @FearlessPhoenix for moving that. Yee


Yeah thank u I didnโ€™t want to idk do on March Madness


Iโ€™m falible because i have an human implanted brain


Yeah np.


Hey fearr, do leaders have to type <hhhhhjsjdhdjdjdj>?
(20 character rule)


Ok. Could ya make a project for me? One that has a floor plan that uses โ€œset pos.โ€ Blocks? Kdjd


More specific???


Lol yeah we do.
20 chars still exists


Wow, I think leaders should have more functions or that, but at the same time I feel I am on a equitative community!


So kinda like a house plan top down (Zelda? SNES one? Does that help?) It is not


Lol yeah.
Itโ€™s pretty fair tbh im weโ€™re just regular hsers too


Ok so like a skyscraper or something?


With floors and levels and idk?


Let me find a linkโ€ฆ
Here we are


Oh peril is at the forum w/not a code reason?