Mindcool24’s place of... well, IDK feel free to change the title Ok. Sounds good to me 👌🏻



Welp… here we go. Yay I have a GT! Haven’t done this yet… ramble ramble ramble…
Link to one of my projects

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I think that’s it


Hello, I shall claim the first post


and I shall code the second I suppose


Can someone help me with a health/detection system that will work if something is in the light? Here is the current link to the project


Not idea, but since your dot is constantly moving, check radius between affected and light-drawing object


What do you mean by that?


Square collisions or distance formula


Ah ok that makes sense so detecting if they are close enough to the object?


@Mindcool24 This may need to go in a folder now:

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@Mindcool24 You should remove the “post it here” post and add a “#” to the end of the link to get rid of the click counter


@Over_powered_wizard1 you on


I’ll be on here but yeah my birthday sücked so badly you can’t even imagine. My dad was trying to make it good and now he’s so mad I can’t even enjoy my birthday. Now basically I don’t even get presents until a while from now, when I’m ungrounded. He bought the things I wanted and now I can’t have them so yeah


hOw ComE I hAvE NEveR BeEN hERe?


He just made the topic a while ago and it’s very new


Not a while ago just a little while ago


It was made 7 days ago! I should’ve seen it!


Oh. Idk I’ve been distracted for awhile and today was my birthday but I already said it was bad and everything süked. So yeah I’m not going to repeat that. Idk how I didn’t see it either


Hey @Mindcool24 are you there