Mimi's General :))



Lol. Cool! I’m listening to music.


@glam_unicorn @sophia71205 @Gobli09
Are you still here?


disappears into thin air

Sorry for not being on :sweat_smile:


lol it’s fine :sweat_smile:
Idk where everyone went…


Yeah…i dont know where they went too

are you going to watch the meteor shower that’s coming tonight (If you can see it?)


I’m right here. I was petting my dogs.


I didn’t know that there was one tonight. I want to see that solar eclipse the 21st


I want to see the solar eclipse too! :smiley: :grin:

i can’t wait! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Where did you go?

My mom’s in the bathroom with music going. I’m pretty sure she’s drying her hair. She’s been listening to Journey.


Hello, @KayKat. I see you.


Hey. I did my back to school shopping. Debate camp starts tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous…
How are you?
Edit: I got to eat dinner. Be back later.


I didn’t have to do any.

We all know that you’ll do great.



Hey! Sorry i was gone.


Well, it is later now. I have to go to bed. Just seeing you on the forum brightened up the day. Thank you


Thanks, but I don’t know. It’s really really intensive, and really advanced. I don’t want to give too much information away about it, but it’s a really big deal. As in, people fly in from all around the world to come to this camp.


I’m here now, but I’m assuming that your gone…


Vanilla and chocolate =)

meh cookehs


Is that you? :roll_eyes:


Idk if you should post that. I know your eyes are covered, but still


Sounds like something you could do.

The rest of us do though.

Okay, that is a big deal though.

Did any of you see Mimi’s bio?