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Definitely something to be excited about. Well, the nerd part. I finished most of the first quarter of English and math already. Braces are exciting too. Just maybe not the funniest thing at times. Right, @photographer123?


My mom said I can look at contacts… idk though, I need top and bottom braces, and I have an overbite and sideways bite.


Yep. Suuuuupppperrr exciting!
I still can’t eat normally…
And my mom gave me an apple today. I looked miserable trying to eat that thing.


Oh I had a bad overbite.
And my mouth was just a train wreck.
My sister gets her braces off in October…LUCKY


How long do you have to wear them? I only need them for a year and a couple months, but I need rubber bands first.


Me? I have at least 1-2 years left. It’ll b ea year tomorrow since I got them


Eek, I’m sorry for you. I feel really lucky in comparison to other people.


They said 2 years for me. I am 9 months through it. I had an underbite. That is almost fixed. I have top and bottom.


Unless all the pain has gone away, I think I would avoid an apple unless it was sliced.


@Mini it’s fine. Who knows they might, if my teeth straighten out, take them off early.
@sophia71205 LUCKY!!!


Mine isn’t too bad, but ehh…


I’m gonna need them for probably about the same amount as time as you. I’m not going to get them until like the beginning of summer 2018 though.


Hmm, I can choose when I get mine because my 12 year molars are already half way in.


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My underbite is almost gone, and my teeth are almost completely straight. They are closing in a few gaps. Other than that, most of what needed done is done already.

Mine started coming in when I was 10. They put brackets on the bottom ones at some point. My top are in all the way, but thankfully, no brackets on them.

About which part?


Hi @MiNi, can you please add me to your tag list? Thanks :smiley:


She’s going… leaving… deleting her account, everything…
Bye Mimi…


We are still getting this topic to 10,000 replies before her birthday, and I am still doing something for her birthday. That’s if I make it without falling apart every time I think about her.


@photographer123, @HopscotchRemixer, hello. Nvm, you already got off. Well, @Gobli09, I see you’re on.

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Sure :+1:

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