Mimi's General :))



Thanks for not killing me.




this is what you see when you start spam liking
i should stop


so you’re all Asian?
yay Asian club
but nvm others couldn’t join like photographer123 maybe
idk her nationality


Just ask if u want to know my nationality


can i rant about cyberbullies and let my thoughts out bc im bored


I’ll listen…
Idk :33333


Oh, um
What is your nationality?


Wait, are you? Yeah, I am Korean. Mimi is Chinese. Kay Kat and glammy are half Chinese.




If I’m barely on tonight, I am making a project for tomorrow, and I will probably type out this long speech along with it. Unfortunately, when I say project, it’s not going to be the pixel art.


@photographer123, are you still sore?


@Gobli09, @HopscotchRemixer, @WynterDiamond, just curious, around how many entries were submitted to the summer contest?


Hi! I checked and saw around 20 or so. Why do you ask?


I think there were 16 entries, counting yours


Irdk. Just wondering. I like to know random facts. Such as: 1 in 6 million hydrogen atoms have a neutron.

Oh yeah, I saw my name and what you said about me in your bio. TYSM!!!


Oh okay. That’s an interesting fact!

And your welcome :grin:


@Explorer_ I just noticed that you were in my friend tag list. I need to check it more. I wasn’t aware that @HopscotchRemixer was in it.


@MiNi, 5 minutes, 5 minutes, cinco minutos, 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES, 5 MINUTES, 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES, 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES!!!


Okay, well, 7 now. It was going to say one but it took too long.