Mimi's General :))



It started before that. It started after you left for those three days especially, but it was a little bit before then. Just be yourself. TBH, sometimes I miss the Mimi that used to be here.


Occasionally I have to be more awkward than I usually am and ask. Idk I just didn’t know. I wanted to confirm.


On the App Store pictures, why couldn’t they use “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Casting Crowns instead of “Joy to the World”? Sorry, just me being picky about songs


I had to ask thebananaman. Where did Mimi go?


I guess I’ve just been worried about losing my forum family. And some other irl stuff. (Not sharing)

Don’t we all… even I miss that person. I miss the cheery me, but jealousy hit me hard. I think that was a big factor.


casting crowns
my science teacher said that accidentally instead of "casting shadows"
And I love that band tooo


Another random: should I make a GT?


You know I will always be here.

Okay, don’t share, but I am trying to figure it out in my head. Why would I do that, idk.

I miss the you that was before even this topic. I like the you on my GT best. You have changed since then. The jealousy probably was most of it.


YESS! I’d come there a lot!


TYSM SENPAI! I was thinking about posting it today. Should I make one now?


If you want :DDDD


If you want to. You already have a place to chat though. A GT is a good place to make announcements and stuff though.


YES please do

no cons


I am talking around the time you said that thing about kindness is all that matters.


Ooohhhh okay, well right now I’m role playing our first convo, lol… well kind of XD


I just realized I don’t have a tag list…
Is t1 still here?
You guys could join…


Same. I want to have her make one, but I heard she’s not making them anymore…


Well, our first was you eating cheese, and me trying to help you with trail art. I don’t remember if I came on your GT before or after you became HSF president.


Can you make a tag list for me?

Title: theDECODErslist
Description: DECODECO’s frens are tagged here. Join today (or tomorrow)!
Leader: me, i guess


Oh. I guess she should take a break, shouldn’t she?