Mimi's General :))



That’s correct, I just drank half of a 20 OZ water bottle.

In what way? Am I less cheery?


Let me find out. @MiNi, is something wrong?


Emphasis on the can.

Well, you’re really good! I have memorized the parakeet, dolphin, swan, crane, inflatable ball, miniature people, and butterflies!


Random: I hate when I’m listening to music on Pandora with earbuds and it drains the power so fast…


Idk. I can’t put my finger on it. That may be it. Irdk. You just say one thing, and it leaves a weird vibe. Then, you just kind of disappear.


Wow. I stick to simple stuff. You are really good.


I know, sorry about that. I don’t know… after my three day leave… I just have gotten used to saying one thing and then leaving. Also, I’m obsessed with this game called fashion story.


My dad has a similar problem. The app I use for music doesn’t seem to drain my battery (it might go down 2% in an hour), but I don’t use earbuds.


I could make an origami aviary (not the aviary itself, but the birds inside it lol)


Hm. Idk. It might be the app or the use of earbuds.


Your posts just seem different. You have the same characteristics like being kind and humble etc., but you just don’t seem like yourself. Idk.


Cool. When I was I was in Hawaii, I went to this aviary type place and there were so many lil parakeets. :333

this is random and u don’t have to answer if u don’t want, but are u a girl or boy?


XD On my grandma’s iPad, a lot of people are saying
well then,
(i think)
(or not in this time zone)



no such emphasis on the question mark


I guess that makes sense.? Ever since tree frog made that topic I’ve been extra aware that I don’t create drama.


K. That’s sorta what I thought. Sorry for intruding your personal biz.


My dad uses pandora, or I think he does. He might use the same app I do. I believe he has both. He uses wireless earbuds though. Try this app. Duolingo just changed again.


Oh, yeah…


Eh, no harm done.
I actually didn’t know that you didn’t know what gender I was XD
I think I forgot to mention it


I’ll try it later! Thx!